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In Oct 23, 2023

Understanding the Difference Between Halal and Halal-Friendly Dining

In a diverse and multicultural world, the demand for halal food options has grown significantly. For many, adhering to dietary restrictions in line with their religious beliefs is of paramount importance. However, there's often confusion between two terms: "Halal" and "Halal-Friendly." In this blog, we'll explore the differences between these concepts and highlight some restaurants that have profiles with Dine Out Halal, a platform dedicated to making halal dining accessible.

What is Halal?

Halal, which means "permissible" in Arabic, refers to food and beverages that are prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. These laws dictate what is 

allowed and what is prohibited in the consumption of food. Some key principles of halal food preparation include:

1. Avoidance of Pork and its By-products: Pork and its derivatives are strictly prohibited in Islamic dietary practices.

2. Bismillah (In the Name of Allah): The name of Allah (God) should be invoked before slaughtering an animal for meat.

3. Zabiha or Halal Slaughter: The animal must be slaughtered in a specific way, with the throat cut, and the blood must be completely drained.

4. No Alcohol or Intoxicants: Food and drinks containing alcohol or any intoxicating substances are not halal.

5. No Cross-Contamination: Utensils, equipment, and surfaces used for halal food should not come into contact with non-halal items.

What is Halal-Friendly?

Halal-friendly restaurants, on the other hand, cater to a diverse clientele that includes individuals with varying dietary preferences and restrictions. These establishments often offer a range of dishes, some of which may not strictly adhere to halal dietary rules. While they do serve halal options, they also have non-halal items on their menu, such as alcoholic beverages and dishes that contain pork. Essentially, a halal-friendly restaurant accommodates a broader audience while still providing halal choices.

Dine Out Halal - A Platform for Halal Dining

Dine Out Halal is a platform that has recognized the need for clear communication regarding halal dining options. It allows users to search for restaurants based on their halal preferences, making it easier for individuals to find establishments that align with their dietary requirements.

Some of the restaurants that have profiles on Dine Out Halal include:

1. Jamavar: Renowned for its luxurious pan-Indian cuisine, Michelin - star Jamavar London

 is an exquisite fine dining concept that draws on the rich and diverse culinary traditions of India.

2. New Bangkok: Experience authentic Pan - Asian Thai and Japanese cuisine at New Bangkok in Hammersmith. A Halal certified,small, low - key outlet serving traditional Thai and Japanese classics from noodles to curries & summer rolls.  

3. Baba G’s: The spice alchemists of the London street food scene, Baba G’s features a creative and diverse menu of classic bar food elevated with Indian ingredients in a modern eating setting 

In conclusion, the distinction between "Halal" and "Halal-Friendly" is crucial for individuals seeking to adhere to specific dietary requirements. While halal restaurants strictly adhere to Islamic dietary laws, halal-friendly establishments offer a broader menu that caters to a diverse clientele. Platforms like Dine Out Halal are bridging the gap, ensuring that individuals can easily find restaurants that meet their halal preferences, allowing them to enjoy delicious meals while respecting their beliefs and dietary choices.



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